..Think first before puting your link ....what is the benfits you will gain ...

1st your company will be one of the companies who will deal together as group ... we will support each others in time of crises. Covid-19 time learned us that the work in group is the only way to reduce the risks. 

2nd you will on the focus of companies related to your activity, consultant will be in clients & properties companies, focus.....main contractors & sub-contractors will be in consultants and management companies focus .....suppliers & traders will be in all' focuses.

3rd each activity has its sepecial page .... admin. of the site will increase the page gradually and also will devide the pages indo more specific  acticities when the site became bigger to allow others reach to you easly ..... your support will help us improving the site

steps for adding your link in scedules:

1- send inquiry by email to aajoor0@nt-pms.com - with the name of the required page, location (the row and column -which should not be occupied by other - and send the link of your website (will be tried to check it and any under construction sites will not issued)

we can design pages inside our web site and give you link which will start with www.enggworld.com/your company name ...the cost of the page design will be for fast, static (computer & mobile will be 1,800 DHD & 900 for computer or mobile only) - all fee without vat.

2- we will recieve and study it within 5 working days ...  the site has right to reject any inquiry without any reason.

3- we will send intial approval and add the link for one week free to allow the customer check the font, color, logo -if any

4- if we recieve the customer' acceptance - he should pay within one week from his approval the fees according the following:

- 400 DHS for renting the location for 6-month and 600 DHS for a year (the fees is excluding vat) - the money will is non-refundable, but customer has right to cancel his name from the schedule by written inquiry at any time - no need to give any reason.

- the site is not responsible of  any net problems or any out of control reason.


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Steps to add your company's link in the schedules:
try to follow our guidence to select the suitable page. and suitable location